A couple of thoughts on alignment and tension come from a post by Christoph Eberhard that I found on LinkedIn. He says, “… tension hides our misalignements, our blockages, our unbalances. It is only by relaxing that we can get aware of our postural problems.” So awareness of our body, the tensions within, leads to correcting our alignments, posture and energy flow. He also states, “General awareness leads to the awareness of details.” We start by becoming aware of the overall, then we can notice the details. Are we noticing all the details around us?

When you do a form, where is your mind? Does it wander like a loose monkey, checking out objects in the room, or thinking of things to be done later? Or are you focused on the flow of energy thru the movements of the body, the balanced stepping, the harmony of arms and legs in motion? Start with the outside, then move in. Notice where the hands and feet end up. Notice the curve or straightness of joints. Notice the suppleness of movement. Notice the easy, smooth breath. Notice the calming of the mind. And see where this leads you. What are you aware of?

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