More Performance Photos – Chen Style

Master Yang’s group also did the Chen Style 56 form set of Tai Chi at the Chinese New Year Festival in Chamblee. Remember to click the image to see a larger photo.

Happy New Year!

One of my teachers, Master Yang, was invited to showcase Tai Chi at the 2017 Chinese New Year Festival in Chamblee. Her group performed the 42 form set of Tai Chi, which is a compilation of the 5 northern forms of Tai Chi, including Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and Hao. Here’s a few photos of this form, note you can click on any image and see the photo larger:

Comparing Chen & Yang styles

This is a cool video comparing the Chen and Yang style forms. You can see Chen, on the left, really emphasizes circular movements coming from the dan tian, while the Yang style is more vertical and subdued. Chen style has more fast and emphatic movements in places, more martial in form. I bet either would be very effective in battle.