Just What IS Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, for me, is a mix of exercise and meditation. It is mindfulness of motion and breath, purpose of motion and stillness. All we do is based on energy flowing through the body, allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments space to move as they should.

Class practicing a Tai Chi form

Class practicing a Tai Chi form

Based on hard martial arts applications, our movements can be defensive or offensive in nature. But done slowly, we build strength, tone the body, gain balance and understanding of what our body is doing at a particular point in time.

During many of our daily activities we move arms and legs without thought, we gesture with our hands as we speak, but we’re not totally conscious of the movements. We walk, without thought of where our weight and balance is, we’re on auto-pilot. Tai Chi helps us to be more aware of ourselves. And that helps us to be more aware of those around us also, of our surroundings, of life itself.

Here’s a video I found recently that gives another view of what is Tai Chi.

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