Meditation by Master Chen

by Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen)

Meditation to many around the world consists of quieting the mind, sitting still, regulating the breathe and visualizing a happy thought, all in the effort to find peace and tranquility to entertain the spirit. Although meditation can bring a sense of peace, the true value of this practice is rarely understood. Meditation has the ability to not only regulate and harmonize the body, mind and spirit but it can also prevent and cure disease to achieve healthy longevity and, at its highest level, direct one into the portal of immortality.

Meditation has many benefits, but in particular three stand out:
As discussed above, meditation harmonizes the body, mind and spirit allowing for a feeling of joy and peace. This is a wonderful benefit, however, at this level of meditation it will not get you healthy.
Meditation prevents disease. Through meditation, the body self regulates qi (life force) and blood which improves health naturally without medicine. This is the reason why a good meditator will have a good immune system and suffer no disease.
Meditation activates and develops the hidden potential of the human mind and body to achieve healthy longevity which upgrades human ability from ordinary to extraordinary, allowing one to potentially find a portal to immortality.
Theory of meditation

The ancient Daoist definition of meditation is to internally observe and naturally allow qi to produce mystical phenomenon (physical, internal, and spiritual phenomena). A commonly used phrase regarding meditation- Jing Zuo Nei Guang Tu Na Tiao Xi Zuo Wan means to sit still, regulate breathe, forget about time, space, detach from: emotion, sickness, ambition, desire. Through regulating breathe one moves qi, then begins to accumulate qi, then transforms qi to allow qi to produce phenomenal results.

The basic theory of meditation can be explained with the phrase “Tian Ren He Yi Dao Fa Zi Ran”. All together it means man united with heaven as one. Man can unite with nature and unite with primordial qi around us and spirit. To achieve this unity, man must have no concept of time, space, or anything during meditation- just observe the phenomena of nature in body.

Stillness is the root of the Dao, so the body must sit still during meditation. Void is the body of the Dao. Once you become the void then the physical body and original spirit become one and detach from reality. Reality and mysticism unite, one finds unity with their ancestral and spiritual lineages, as well as harmony with eight metaphors and five elements around us. Truly one merges into the Dao. At this level, energy from nature and the universe charges you up and upgrades the quality of your being. One is able to discharge all negativity and energetic blockages and find their body completely upgraded from physical to mental to spiritual level.

Dao Fa Zi Ran: Translates to “Dao follows its nature” and should be interpreted practically, not only philosophically. It means Dao lives in the moment and in simplicity- which is living your true nature. Mediation is in the moment- sit still to regulate your breathe, body and mind.

Below are a few techniques to regulate your breathe during meditation:
Beginner level technique: breathe naturally, deep, slow, even, and gentle.
Reverse breathing technique: when inhaling, contract your anus and abdomen. When exhaling, release your abdomen.
Hair pore breathing technique: visualize your skin and hair pores breathing in. Each hair pore is a portal and every portal of the body can breathe and intake energy to quickly charge up quantity of qi in your Dan tian.
Embryonic breathing technique (Pre-heaven breathing method): During your prenatal existence, you do not use your nose, mouth, lungs, nor hair pores to breathe as you do post- natal. Breathing prenatally is connected with mystical nature with qi rising between heart and kidneys. This is advanced level meditation.

There are many types of postures in meditation. For example: standing, sitting, laying and walking postures. Specific meditations have different posture requirements. In sitting meditation, full lotus position with left leg on top for men and vice versa for women is the best form.

The principle of posture is to learn to relax and be natural. If you have no ability to get into lotus then don’t try it because you must be relaxed. You must have good physical conditioning for meditation, just as you would need if you were running a marathon. To achieve good conditioning, practice Dao Yin daily to stretch and prepare your tendons, ligaments and joints to be flexible.


The mind is the greatest challenge for every meditator. Daoism has simple guidelines: return all senses inward, observe, bring spirit within. Eye looks at nose, nose looks at the heart, heart starts to vanish- there is nothing when you look out. There is no heart when you look inward, therefore one obtains emptiness. Emptiness within emptiness, one enters the void. These are the ancient Daoist guidelines for meditation. Ch 3 Dao de Jing translates to weaken ambition, empty your heart, fill your belly, and strengthen your bones. When you weaken ambition, empty your heart and release emotion then you are capable of gathering qi into your Dan Tien and improve your quality of qi to achieve microcosmic orbit, and eventually macrocosmic orbit. A great metaphor for meditation is to visualize yourself sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor becoming one with your surroundings. The mind is so still that it creates no ripples in the water and even a little shrimp or fish is not scared to swim by- this is meditation.

Unexpected phenomena during meditation

It just it- let things take its own course. One might experience their “6th sense”, see, hear, smell, taste or experience touch sensation. Be a good companion for this natural phenomena and don’t let curiosity carry you away, instead detach. By detaching, one enters the state of void and mystical level. To practice Dao you must practice ‘de’. De is to follow the principle. Only when you practice virtue does one allow to maintain stillness to be able to meditate.

Ultra ego cannot get into stillness. If your life is careless, self-centered, take advantage of others, unconscious not kind, not willing to forgive, self-pity, victim attitude, egoistic, hateful, deeply judgmental then you will “scare the little fish away” during mediation. When you cannot detach from desire then you cannot meditate.

To achieve lower quality meditation is easy. To achieve higher quality meditation takes entire life.

Meditation requires changing attitude. Regulate the mind requires you to change attitude. Attitude comes from regulating food and water to become alkaline (vs acidic) because acidic blood and qi cause acidic mind and attitude.

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