Photos from Live Healthy Gwinnett

Jan teaching Tai Chi to a young man who really enjoyed it

This young man was really getting into Tai Chi!

Many thanks to the photographers at Live Healthy Gwinnett for the use of these photos of me teaching at Eastside Medical Center last Saturday. I had a lot of fun practicing outdoors for 5 hours, talking to people about Tai Chi and watching all the activities around.

Jan teaching Tai Chi to the CEO of Eastside Medical and the Fire Department Mascot

Teaching an old dog new tricks

My posture while doing the kick isn’t quite as pretty as I imagined it to be, but after 5 hours practicing in the sun, it’s not bad. Shows I have room for improvement, tucking in the abdomen more will help me lift my leg higher, bring the back hand up higher and lower the front hand, and straightening the backwards tilt of the upper body.
Jan showing off her not-so-high kick

balance while kicking

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