Since much has already been written on Tai Chi and Qigong, I will just post a few links to sites I found interesting. I hope you will enjoy and learn from them as well.

You can also search Youtube for “pink lady tai chi”, Master Jiamin Gao, winner of 32 gold medals. She is co-owner and teacher at the US Wushu Center, Portland, Oregon.

  • Watch Cate Morrill mornings on AIB TV and practice Tai Chi with her, or stretch out with Michael Issa as he shows qigong stretches.
  • Zhang San-Feng 13 Postures featuring Master Zhong, the present lineage holder of the Wudang Style.
  • Master (Chen) Tseng, pictured at right on the videos, is the United States representative of the Wudang form and temple brother to Master Zhong. He travels to Atlanta at least once a year for weekend seminars – see my the sidebar for updates on his seminars here. Please check out Master Chen’s website here for many articles and podcasts on Tai Chi, qigong, Daoism, and qi movement.

Here are a few good books:
The Power of Tai Chi by Master Shao Zhao-Ming
by Master Lam Kam Chuen
Inside Zhan Zhuang by Mark Cohen
The Tai Chi Directory by Kim Davies
Anatomy of Fitness Tai Chi by Loretta M. Wollering – shows the movements of the Yang 24 form and the muscles each form works
15-Minute Tai Chi by Master John Ding
Taijiquan through the Western Gate by Rick Barrett