Tai Chi helps with memory, increases brain size

According to an article, dated June 19, 2012, that was forwarded to me researchers from University of South Florida and Fudan University in Shanghai found increases in brain volume and improvements on tests of memory and thinking in Chinese seniors who practiced Tai Chi three times a week.

Based on an 8-month study,those who practiced Tai Chi showed increases in brain volume and more limited cognitive improvements in a group that participated in lively discussions three times per week over the same time period. It is noted that aerobic exercise has been shown to increase brain size as well, but this was the first time a non-aerobic exercise was tested and found to be effective.

Studies show that dementia and gradual cognitive deterioration is associated with the shrinking of the brain, as the nerve cells and their connections are gradually lost. This could also mean that Tai Chi can help prevent Alzheimers, by keeping the brain healthy and active.

With thanks to the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, which originally published the research.

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