Tai Chi Sword

Wudong Tai Chi Master Chen was in Atlanta this past weekend, teaching Qigong forms and the second half of the Wudang 64 form Tai Chi sword set. He had  taught the first part last March. This is a very cool martial art form, with many thrusts to the throat, between the eyes, and cuts and slices in most painful spots. Fortunately, we don’t practice to kill, but knowing the application is part of the form. And our swords are not sharp!

Master Chen is on the far right in the front, to his right is Michael Issa, who teaches class at Kaikudo in Dunwoody. Most of the class practice with Michael, and are looking forward to perfecting the second half of the form in the next few months.

Tai Chi sword class

I’m there, in the back, on the right, with the red tassel from Master Chen’s sword covering my face.

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