Unconditional Love

by Wu Dang Chen

When you find yourself in judgement, when you find yourself in the negative, as soon as you catch it, think to the opposite side of your emotion.

Wisdom gives hope and determination to walk the path. Where intelligence can fool you, wisdom can save you. With wisdom you can understand that the journey is walked alone. The path awards you the opportunity to practice unconditional love. Do you have the greatest expectation of your own expectations? When you don’t live up to your own expectations, you punish yourself. By punishing self, you commit chronic suicide. Allow your self to live and to let live also. Allow yourself to be different. Ask, “Do I give myself opportunity to be different? Do I allow and give myself new opportunities?” Change the tone of the word “hard” to, “it is quite a challenge.” When you approach things as a challenge, as opposed to hard, you put yourself into a more joyful and excited energy. This brings the joy. Change to a “challenge.”

Practice unconditional love with no value or judgement attached to it. Unconditional love is not victimized if love is not returned. God loves you! Say, “I love you” and mean it. I love you is different when you let the voice come from your heart with emotion. When you say it from the head, it is an intellectual love and is not heartfelt. Let the voice come from the spirit. It is merciful to see the pain in the devil’s heart. Practice unconditional love. Your own self is the first one to practice with.

When you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask. Only stupid people look for perfection. They think the world is designed to be one way, so all their life they look for perfection. Only when you acknowledge that the world is not perfect does it become perfect. If you are willing to honestly acknowledge that you are stupid, then you become intelligent. It is always easy to point a finger at others, but it takes great wisdom to point the finger at your own nose. Those who dare to point the finger at their own nose are the wisest people. Meng Zi, a Confucian disciple said, “Check yourself three times a day and you will become a wise man.”

Go beyond the concept of I and not I. Self and selflessness is equal to Dao. The greatest individual is the one who is servant to all. To conquer one’s self is more challenging than to take down a city. Be willing to lie down for people’s needs. Love has no need to attach or detach. Love has no ego and no emotion to entertain. The lovely dummy is humble, she does not ask for an approving expression, or a return of appreciation. He will always do the same consistently. You don’t have to live for appreciation of others, so don’t ask or look for it. I serve Dao, not a letter of approval. When you serve humanity, serve each individual without ego or agenda, if not you become a slave to that agenda. Disengage from the game; ego only becomes a trap.

Your intent is to serve with purpose and passion. Be a spiritual person and enlighten people’s drive. The reward is not worldly; it is a confirmation from Dao. In the virtue world it is a virtue exchange. Return to spirit is the motion of Dao. Adjust your original intent from that of wanting to be the greatest person others want, to one of serving yourself. Detach from the desire of getting, or losing. Serve from the bottom of your heart. A truly wise person must be a fool who lets energy pass by with no judgement to understand. With no agenda you can see the whole.

It takes a wise man to see a wise man. Live and let live. Respect others right to live. Live with integrity and without judgement, so that you can enjoy how others live. Let go of all your preconceived models. Be wise and compassionate. A heart for a heart and an eye for an eye concept only leaves the whole world blind. You live in your own heaven so why create an opponent?

Many thanks to Master Chen for his wise words and for passing on his understanding of the Tao to us. Please visit his website for more information on Daoism.

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