Qi Moving Meditation

Qi is, very simply put, energy. Qi (pronounced chee) moving meditation focuses the breath, mind and body on moving qi (energy) throughout the body. This relaxes the body through gentle movements, and energizes the body in a gentle manner. After practicing Qi moving meditation you will feel more focused and alert.

T’ai chi ch’uan, as it is formally known, derives from a form of Chinese martial arts. Explaining the slow, circular movement of the practice, Arthur Rosenfeld, a tai chi master and the author of a new book called “Tai Chi — The Perfect Exercise: Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength”, said tai chi is a philosophical term that means the harmonious interplay of opposing forces.

When nature encounters a strong force, the way it answers that force to maintain harmony in the world is with a spiral, he said. “Astronomers see galaxies moving in spirals, water goes down the drain in a spiral, tornadoes form as a spiral. We spiral in tai chi because the most effective way to move fluid through solid is a spiral.” **

The Golden Peak Temple at the top of Wudang Mountain, China

The Golden Peak Temple at the top of Wudang Mountain, China

Qi Gong, or Chi Kung, is centuries-old exercise created in China to keep the body healthy. There are very many styles and forms of Qi Gong, the style I teach is the Wudang style. Wudang Mountain, in China, is where Zhang Sanfeng first created the moving forms of Tai Chi in the 12th century. But Qi Gong predates this by many centuries.

As of June 28th I will be retired from teaching classes in Georgia, and will shortly be moving to Arizona. I have arranged for teachers to take over my classes, they will continue as scheduled.

Gene and Jeri McFadden, of Two Dragons Tai Chi, will be in charge of all classes with the exception of Kaiser and Noble Village/Village Park at Spaulding. Kaiser has assigned two wonderful teachers to replace me, both very qualified, experienced teachers I wouldn’t mind taking classes from myself. Gene, Jeri and I have taken classes together with Michael Issa and Master Chen for many years, I am very glad to have them follow in my footsteps. You will enjoy classes with them.

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** Taken from an article by Dorene Interniola, published by Reuters June 17, 2013