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Qi Gong pinyin and English translation

Who teaches Tai Chi and Qigong classes in Sun City West, Arizona? I do, see the sidebar for class details.

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Qi is, very simply put, energy. Qi (pronounced chee) moving meditation focuses the breath, mind and body on moving qi (energy) throughout the body. This relaxes the body through gentle movements, and energizes the body in a gentle manner. After practicing Qi moving meditation you will feel more focused and alert. Gong is work, practice, cultivation.

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Tai Chi class in Sun City West, AZ
Yang long form practice at Desert Garden Church in Sun City West – come join us!
Qigong class
Showing targeted movements

Currently I am teaching classes in the Yang 108 (old style) Long Form, Yang 24 and Yan 10 form sets, Tai Chi Fan, and Qigong. I have taught for over 15 years, and practiced for over 25, and still practice daily. The forms I enjoyed the most would include 3 formsets of Tai Chi Sword; Wudang 64 form, 49 form Wudang formset (not a traditional Wudang form set but a derivative) and the Competition 42 formset. Kung Fu Tai Chi Fan is fast moving, while Therapeutic Tai Chi is a great warm-up and start to any day.

World Tai Chi Day group practice in Lilburn, GA 2019