Qi Moving Meditation

Qi Gong pinyin and English translation

Qi is, very simply put, energy. Qi (pronounced chee) moving meditation focuses the breath, mind and body on moving qi (energy) throughout the body. This relaxes the body through gentle movements, and energizes the body in a gentle manner. After practicing Qi moving meditation you will feel more focused and alert.

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Yang long form practice at Desert Garden Church in Sun City West – come join us!
Showing targeted movements

I have taught several styles of Tai Chi, predominately the Wudang Therapeutic Tai Chi. This set of forms is based on the Yang style 24 form set, but includes major components of Wudang theory and practice. Other formsets of Tai Chi include: 108 (Long Form) Yang Style Tai Chi, Wudang Square Foot Tai Chi, a modified version to fit into small spaces, utilizing many of the familiar Wudang Tai Chi forms; the Yang style 8 or 10 form, which is short and rather easy to learn; and the Simplified 24 form Yang style, a standardized form that is widely-known around the world.

My Qigong classes incorporate many forms of Qi Gong, including the Wudang Yang Sheng and Hun Yuan (Primordial) part one, 8 Pieces of Brocade, Bone Stretching, Tai Yi, Shaolin Yi Jin Jing, Medical Qigong, Shibashi: 18 Parts I, II, & III, Ma Wang Dui, Tai Chi Ball and Five Animals. No two classes are exactly alike, as variety is a great spice for life.

World Tai Chi Day group practice in Lilburn, GA 2019