Jan practicing Tai Chi at the Florida Competition in 2003

Jan practicing Tai Chi at the Florida Competition in 2003

This quote really says it for me: “There is no mystique to Tai Chi Chuan. What is difficult is the perseverance. It took me ten years to discover my chi, but thirty years to learn how to use it. Once you see the benefit, you won’t want to stop.”
– Ma Yueh Liang

Since I’ve only been doing Tai Chi for 20 years, I’m still learning how to use my chi.

I have taught two forms of Qi Gong, Yang Sheng and Hun Yuan (Primordial) part one. Yang Sheng is very easy to learn, but like all forms of Qi Gong, can take a lifetime to master. Primordial Part One has more forms within to learn but is very powerful and energizing. Plus, there are many qi gong exercises we do, such as 18 Parts I, II, & III, Ma Wang Dui and Five Animals.

I also have taught several styles of Tai Chi, predominately the Wudang Therapeutic Tai Chi. This set of forms is based on the Yang style 24 form set, but includes major components of Wudang theory and practice. Other formsets of Tai Chi include: Wudang Square Foot Tai Chi, a modified version to fit into small spaces, utilizing many of the familiar Wudang Tai Chi forms; the Yang style 8 or 10 form, which is short and rather easy to learn; and the Simplified 24 form Yang style, a standardized form that is widely-known around the world.

Formal Education:

Jan Stittleburg studied Tai Chi from 1999 to 2010 with Yingzhang Wang, of the Tai Chi Academy of Wushu and Acupressure. In 2001, Jan received her Diploma for the 1st Lu of Taijiquan in 64 forms. She also competed in the 2001 International Martial Arts Championship in St. Petersburg, FL, where she received a 3rd place award. In 2003 she received 2nd and 3rd place awards in the same competition.

Jan has since received her Teaching Certificate in the 48 Form with Limited Foot Movement TaiJiQuan,  and diplomas in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lu (64 form) of Taijiquan, 36 form Tai Chi Stick, 32 form Tai Chi Sword, 48 form Taijiquan, 13 form in Chen, Wu and Yang styles, 38 form Chen style, 24 form simplified TaiChi and has taken several seminars in Acupressure from Mr. Wang.

Since 2006 Jan has attended the semi-annual seminars with Master Yun Xiang Tseng, a 14th generation Wu Dang Zhang Sanfeng lineage holder and a 25th generation Long Men Taoist Priest. From Master Tseng, Jan has learned Primordial part 1 and Yang Sheng Qi Gong, earning her teacher’s certificate. She also learned various other Qi Gong exercises, including Primordial 2, Tai Chi Ball, Bone Stretching Qi Gong, Walking Crane Qi Gong, Kun Peng Qi Gong, Zhong He Qi Gong, and various meditation methods.

In 2011 Jan started classes at Kaikudo with teacher Michael Issa, a fellow student of Master Tseng, learning the Square Foot, 13 form and 28 form styles of Wudang Tai Chi, along with 18 parts, 2 1 & 3 of Qi Gong, 8 Pieces of Brocade and Liang Gong exercises.

Atlanta team wins at the Tai Chi Competition in China

Atlanta team wins at the Tai Chi Competition in China

In October 2011 Jan, Michael and 6 other students of Michael went to China to compete in The 5th International WuDang Tai Chi Tournament, where they placed first in two events. Jan also competed in the solo Tai Chi competion, bringing home a silver medal.

February 2013 marked the start of an intensive instructor program for Jan and two other students in the pilot program with the MingWellness Tai Chi Academy. This program instructs teachers in the Yang style 8 and 24 forms, 5 Animal form Qi Gong, 18 parts one and two of Qi Gong, silk reeling and a short form in the Chen style. 200 hours of instruction and practice later, Jan has earned another Certificate of Instructor.

Master YunXiu Yang has had the patience to work with me through the Wudang 49 form sword set, the 42 form competition form set and Tai Chi Fan. Her classes were made all the more interesting since she speaks very little English and I speak even less Chinese.

Jan during the instructer certification class for Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

Jan during the instructer certification class for Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

In September 2015, Jan was trained and certified in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, a program developed by the world-renown Dr. Paul Lam. This class is very short but very powerful, and can be done by anyone standing, sitting or even lying down. For more information on Dr. Lam and his programs, please see his website.

In 2017 Jan received training and her certificate as a Life Coach for the National Diabetes Prevention Program. This very important program is a year-long process of education, coaching and encouraging people to live healthier lives. Contact me or NDPP for more information.